Story Master Audio

save your life story, it's a gift

Story Master Audio allows people to tell their stories the way they want them told, to ensure there is nothing lost in translation. People share their experiences in life, careers, tell others about their business, the product or service they provide or tell of an adventure they have been involved in and would like others to experience. The audio files can be duplicated for family and friends, kept for safe keeping for years to come or be complimented with a transcript and photos. It's all up to you! You are the Master of your Story.

Examples of possible stories

Your history

This lady saved her six year old  brother by holding him up to fresh air in a fume filled tank.

Family history

Mustard gas from WWI didn't stop this man from enjoying his farm and his family.

Town history

Share the stories of your town with those who live there. Who are the treasures in your town?

Your business

Small family farms in rural NSW often ran the local butchers as well. Shopping local was a given.

Tourism in your town

What did you do after school in your town? What was your local show like when you were growing up?

More story examples
Your History
Your Family History
Your Town History
Your Business current/historic
Tourism in your town
Buildings and Architecture
What products your sell
Growing up
Community groups
Prices of products
Family holidays
First settlers
What is special about this product
Cycle tracks
Hardships overcome
Family homes
Local legends/volunteers
Services you provide
Family pets
Leaders/sporting heros
Jobs you provide
Bird watching